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Why Career Counseling or Coaching?

Many students find themselves saying “What will I do after high school or college?,” “What do I want to do with my life?,” or “What will make me happy?” Deciding what to do for a job or college major can be a difficult process. A recent study found that over 53% of students identified career uncertainty as a moderate, high, or very high need. In addition, students identified finding a satisfying career the most prevalent fear about the future.

Who Seeks Career Services?

I provide services to adolescents, adults, and corporations. Most students who seek career services are looking for some direction, to better understand themselves and their options, and for a process to help them make career decisions.

What Happens in Career Counseling?

The first step is to know yourself. This can include your personality, interests, skills, and values. Clients are typically given career-based assessments during this phase. Second, career options are generated based on these characteristics. This includes specific jobs, job categories and college majors. The next step is to identify ways for clients to gather information about jobs, job categories, and college majors that are of interest. Once students know themselves and their options, decisions can be made.


There are many benefits to be gained from career counseling. One of the most significant can be HOPE scholarship. Most college freshmen do not earn a 3.5 GPA or higher, and most do not earn a 2.5 or lower. Most are near the 3.0 range. However, students with a 3.1 can retain the HOPE scholarship while those with a 2.9 will not. Research demonstrates that students who have a better understanding of themselves and their career goals earn better grades and have better retention rates. Career counseling can provide students with the knowledge and guidance they need to earn better grades, stay in school, and keep the HOPE scholarship.

In addition to the HOPE scholarship, career counseling can simply help students make better decisions. Sometimes students make career decisions, such as choosing a college major, based on the wrong reasons. This can include choosing a major because a friend chose it, because it seems “easy,” or because “you can make $100,000 a year at job X.” Often times these decisions backfire and lead to career problems down the road.


All services are confidential. For clients 18 and over, information will not be released to others such as an employer, school, doctor or family member without consent (except under certain circumstances such as a clinical emergency). Confidentiality is imperative to me. To protect client privacy, I do not use testimonials from individual or corporate clients for marketing purposes.

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